venerdì, aprile 20, 2007

Departing from Geneva

Dear all,

today has been the last day here in the land of chocolate and watches: Geneve (Swiss) . In fact tomorrow morning I will leave and in the afternoon I will be back at home, in my crazy Italy. During this week, I have been working a lot of hours, going to workshop, meeting and producing something good. Fortunately today I founded the time for going into the center of the town -for accuracy, I am at CERN- for breath and smell, even if for less then two hours, the air of Geneve when there is the sunlight :-) . I have been walking all the time, going around between all the rich boutique of clothes and watches (don't forget the banks!) that are in the main streets. But after a while I was tired of all that stuff and I went up in the oldest part of Geneve where I toke some nice pictures. Look at these below, with the hopeless that the next time I will do better then so!

"Jet D'eau" in the lack of Geneve

A glimpse of the "Cathédrale Saint Pierre"

Nice photo from the "Promenade de la Treille"
(which is home of the longest banch in the world)

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Anonimo ha detto... primavera! cmq si gli stadio sono fantastici, li ho di recente sentiti dal vivo e mi sono davvero piaciuti! cmq...hai fatto l'erasmus?wow!è tra i miei progetti, spero di avere la tua stessa fortuna!:P

Anonimo ha detto...

ah bravo.. vai a spasso invece di lavorare....bravo bravo..