mercoledì, agosto 06, 2008

How to readjust to life after travelling!

Trouble readjusting to life back home after spending time travelling?
What you need to do...
1. Replace your bed with two or more bunk beds, and every night invite random people in to sleep there.. this will make things seem more hostel like, and will also boost your karma, remove beds one by one as symptoms improve.
2. Sleep in a different room each day, varying it by setting the air conditioning either too hot or too cold. Sleep behind a plant pot for that jungle effect. Cats also double as pumas with a little imagination.
3. Get family members to set your radio alarm randomly to go off at some time during the night, filling your room with loud talking, works best if you can find a radio station in hebrew.
4. Slowly remove items of clothing etc from your backpack until you are completly using your wardrobe instead, Maybe only one item a day, but remember it's one step at a time kids, one step at a time.
5. Buy your favourite food stuff and despite living at home, write your name and when you might next be leaving the house on them
6. Ask family members to every now or again to steal one of the above foodstuffs, preferably the one you've most been looking forward to, or the most expensive.
7. Keep at least one item of food far too long or in a bag out in sun so you have to spend at least 24hrs within sprinting distance of the toilet
8. Even if its a Sunday, make sure your out the house by 10am, and then stand on a corner looking lost, ask the first passer by of similar ethnic background if they've found anywhere good to go yet.
9. Once deicded to possibly get a job, take a fully packed rucksack to work with you everyday, although its perfectly safe next to the coffee machine, watch it like a hawk.
10. Buy your bus, train or order a taxi in foreign language, the fact that the person behind the counter won't understand simply adds to the authenticity.
These simple but effective instructions should help you fall back into normal society with the minimum effort. Good luck!

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