sabato, marzo 18, 2006

Goodbye Everybody

When you will read this few lines,
I will be already gone.

I will be already on travel,
With you in my mind,
With the remembrance of our friendship
That never will finish,
And not even the distance will brake it.

We don't know how this was born,
But although all we know that wont finish,
And will be with us forever.

We are still not realizing this situation,
But we need to get used of the idea:
We are leaving.

The magic of the Erasmus is evanescing.
We lived moments
That not everyone had the chance to leave.
We had enjoyed them till the end.

In a few hours - someone more, someone less - everyone will be at home
And everything will change.
All will revert like before.
All is finished.

There will be just the remembrance.
I say "just", because I am not satisfied to remember and to dream,
I am not satisfied to have just the remembrances of the peoples
With which I have shared six of the most incredible months of my life.

I feel sad.
I cannot feel happy
even if I am going back to home.
I cannot think to something else
that is not my departure,
I am loosing all of you.

But at the same moment I feel happy.
I was lucky to meet you,
I was lucky to be with you,
when was the right moment,
and I am sorry if I wasn't with you,
when I should.

I will remember you forever.
I wont forget you
even if we will be so far.
Your faces, your way to be, your voices,
will be on my mind forever.

Thank you for so much love.

With Love


3 commenti:

Mine & Smacchia ha detto...

Saluti! ci vediamo a cdc

paola ha detto...

...e così sei di nuovo in Italia?
Penso che ti dispiaccia parecchio, eh? ^_^
(io ho passato solo 8 giorni a New York 2 anni e mezzo fa e amo quel posto come se ci fossi nata...)

Anonimo ha detto...

A very moving post Mattia... We miss you too!