giovedì, settembre 20, 2007

Network Impact

In the everyday life we are focusing on technologies about everything we would like to do: for going out calling a friends with the mobile or just chatting with him, listening music with an iPod, booking an holidays on In every case we are communicating with someone or something else through a network. And we are really using a lot this network for every kind of activity...but do you really think that's all? Do you really think that the future is all going faster and faster and without wire? I think the network has mostly a social impact. But this is not enough. The network has something more: give us the chance to making something really fast without cognition of distance, space -just your disk-space ;)- and without the cognition of how much powerful it could be.

Just think about the scientific experiments: almost every important experiment with a big collaboration is going to use the network as a big instruments for calculate something in a really fast way.

This morning, I got into the office and like every morning I was having a look to the news in Punto Informatico. There was an article on how the scientist will find a vaccine or a treatment for hepatitis C using the grid. What I want to focus of this article is:

"[...] We need 50.000 years of calculation to analyze the data scientists have on tap in a way to find a treatment to contrast flavivirus [...]. But if 100.000 of people will share their own CPU just for one week we could halve the time [...]"

Some interesting link:
Data from the LHC experiments: from collision to....(I am involved here)FightAIDS@Home
Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - World Comunity Grid

martedì, settembre 18, 2007

That's Am...

...erica?!? Is that the future? Is that a democratic Nation? Is that a Nation with the capital 'N'? Is that a Nation that can "export" democracy? (admitted that a nation can do it...).
I couldn't believe when I saw this video: it is horrible what's happened. I can not believe it: when you are making some trenchant questions the police comes to you and get you like a criminal. This is not normal. This is an abuse of power!
Watch this till the final electric shock.

lunedì, settembre 17, 2007

Friendly Spot

Questi sono i miei amici (ne manca qualcuno, ma diciamo che la maggior parte son tutti lì).
Guardando questo video ammetto che sento un po' la loro nostalgia, la nostalgia del gruppo...forse è l'unico momento in cui questo accade -"ma questa è un'altra storia". Sì, un video toccante, con la parte più commovente che stupisce quando ci sono io che sfido Robin Hood in quel di Nottingham e la voce narrante dice: "[...] ci legittima nell'essere autentici e veri [...]". Scena da Oscar. Indimenticabile il momento in cui si vede il Cesa che con la sua espressività ci fa capire "[...] la differenza fra il bene e il male [...]". Ovvio che non vanno dimenticati gli altri: ing. Warrior, jolly Ciro, lattcino Tafini, drago Ivan, biondo Camelot, plasma Doti, assatanato Minelli, formula BionDJ, e tutti gli altri...

Alzate il volume o mettete le cuffie per ascoltare bene cosa dice il video in corrispondenza di ogni fotogramma...Enjoy your vision!

Thanks to: ** Leonardo Rossi **
(che al contrario di Quntin Tarantino non compare mai nei suoi movies o short-movies che siano)

ps: richiesto commento a tutti quelli presenti nel video, o quanto meno quelli che si "riconoscono" ;)

giovedì, settembre 13, 2007

Somebody told me...

...I look like someone famous, that is also in this cool picture. Nice? I noticed this on MyEritage.

next post: will be about a grait event ;)

martedì, settembre 04, 2007

News from the World

Hello World! I just want to let you know that I have just got a new room for rent from now till the next summer!! This is a really good news for me 'cause finally I can start again my life in Perugia and see how it will be with some new flatmates, in a new place. I am curious...
Anyway I will describe later how it is my new room and maybe the new flatmates.

For the moment I want to ask you a question, or better I would like to receive some tips on what I can buy for my new room. Yes! What can I get for my new room? Obvious that I don't wonna spend all my money for just one stuff, and also I can't bring in a -not big- room a pool table. So, I will wait for some cool ideas!